Fit In 5 (5 Months, 20 Group Sessions)


Fit in 5

This gives you –

– 20 sessions for £250

– 5 sessions per week (Monday – Friday)

– Tailored meal plan, calories&macros calculated to suit your goals

– Weekly checks ins

– 24/7 advice and support with anything fitness related


This programme is designed to lose body fat, build muscle and give you the body you’ve always dreamt of, whilst gaining the tools and knowledge to maintain this for the rest of your life.

If you are someone who desperately wants to lose body fat or build muscle and have never been able to achieve this over the years, then this programme is perfect for you!

This programme will last the duration of 5 months and some of you may be thinking that’s a long time… But in reality 5 months is absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things if it means coming out the other end in the best shape of your life, confidence at an all time high and a sense of achievement once you’ve completed a programme that you might not have thought possible when you first started.

This programme will give you all the benefits that 1-1
PT gives you but for a fraction of the price. With this programme you will get 5× sessions per week for less than what 2x per week would cost for 1-1 PT. You will also get a tailored meal plan with foods you enjoy to allow you to stick to the plan, with your calories / macronutrients calculated to allow you to achieve your goal.

You will be in a group environment meaning there will be 5 like minded people with a common goal, which is to get in shape!


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